Java 8 + Java EE 7: POJO to JsonObject Conversion

With Java 8 a java.util.List of domain objects can be easily converted into a javax.json.JsonArray using a Collector created by the Collectors utility. javax.json.JsonObject and javax.json.JsonArray have to be created with the corresponding builder, what makes a Collector implementation necessary:

 public JsonArray allAsJson() {
        Collector<JsonObject, ?, JsonArrayBuilder> jsonCollector
                = Collector.of(Json::createArrayBuilder, JsonArrayBuilder::add,
                        (left, right) -> {
                            return left;
        return all().stream().map(Registrations::convert).

    static JsonObject convert(Registration registration) {
        return Json.createObjectBuilder().
                add("price", registration.getTotalPrice()).
                add(CONFIRMATION_ID, registration.getId()).build();

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